Monthly Archives: September 2013

Stella Day Three

What a difference a day makes. This morning I could hear the hurry up before I got out the door and when I got to Stella’s run she was sitting waiting for me, no hiding in her kennel this time. She does have very nice manners, I don’t know if it was the volunteers at […]


Next day Stella

Day 2 36 hours later and Stella is much happier, and so am I. Yesterday she ran to the back of her run and growled at me when I went past. This morning I could hear her complaining about the lack of company before I got up. I gathered the other dogs and went to […]

Enter Stella 1

Day 1 Stella came to me from Glenfield Road Animal Shelter in Wagga Wagga. She was the last dog on the “kill list” that morning (no rescue had their name on her). I hadn’t intended to take any dogs while the rescue was getting organised, but dogs in need of a save don’t have a […]