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Cocoa Day Fifteen

Cocoa has recovered well from her nose job – she did manage to rub a couple of her stitches out, so she’ll end up with a little scar, but her nose will be fine. Otherwise she’s turned out to be a very nice, affectionate pocket rocket. She’s a bit sparky with other females, so I […]

Cocoa is very alert!

Stella is going home!

Go Stella! 1

Well guess what Stella did today? She found herself a new home! Yes she did. We had a meet and greet with her potential new family and Stella was great. A bit wary and a little anxious, but much, much better than I expected her to be. She was willing to go up and sniff […]

Monty Day Eleven

It’s interesting that I have two dogs with me, both of whom display real timidity, but each dog is manifesting that in quite a different way. Stella was very self-protective and projected aggression in order to keep scary things (people) away. But once she stopped being fearful it didn’t take long for her cheeky personality […]


I'm wet and I'm stinky

Four Weeks of Stella

Stella has been with Agreeable Friends for a whole month now! Think about what happens when you take one very scared, very anxious young blue heeler and give her lots of exercise, friends to play with, a calm routine and a consistent human. What you get is a very cheeky, mischievous, teenage working dog. So […]

Cocoa Day Nine

Little Miss Cocoa is turning out to be a very sweet dog, but she’s a little whirlwind of energy. She’s clever and funny and very affectionate, but will need a home able to keep up with her. She hates being left behind and she’s quite noisy, so I’m not she’s going to work as a […]

Cocoa makes a friend



Maybe its time to give Marcus a day in the sun, because he is looking for a home. He’s an unusual dog – in some ways he’s remarkably good. He’s well trained and well mannered, and can sit, drop, stay and walk well on a leash. He’s house-trained and crate-trained. He loves going in the […]

Stella Day Twenty-five

So, Stella has been with me for over three weeks now and she’s such a happy, loving, well-behaved, cheeky, dog social, cat safe companion. She’s still very timid in strange situations, but at home she’s really confident. Stella’s social skills with other dogs are excellent and she just loves a game. She’ll play chasy with […]

Rolling, rolling, rolling.

Monty Day 6

Monday catch-all post

Well, the good news is that Monty and Cocoa are both settling in well. I’ve discovered that Cocoa actually has good recall off-leash, so she isn’t deaf. She’s a clever girl who has already learned her new name. Monty has really come out of his shell and is showing much more confidence, although he’s still […]

Cocoa Day Four

Cocoa arrived on Tuesday, and as you can probably tell from her first blog entry, she and I rubbed each other up the wrong way to begin with. Luckily some exercise and a routine have settled us both down and Cocoa is starting to show who she really is, having shed that layer of stress […]


Just sitting

Enter Monty Day Three

Monty is one seriously lovely dog. He’s thin and in poor condition, but when he’s got some good food under his belt he’s going to be very handsome. I’m not sure what the mix is – his coat is longish and wiry, although the tri-colouring is a puzzle. Guessing the ancestry of a mixed breed […]