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Cocoa’s Second Day

Technically I suppose it’s day three for Cocoa, since I picked her up off transport on Tuesday morning. However, today is her second day in the routine of foster care, so let’s not quibble. Rescuing and fostering are funny activities, maybe a bit like running a boarding house. Strangers arrive at your house, muck up […]


A little bundle of energy.

Cocoa’s First Day

Stella is getting bumped for a bit so the new dogs can share their moment in the spotlight. So Cocoa is first up today. She’s an 18 month old, chocolate and white border collie. She’s very small, so I suspect she’s a kelpie x, rather than pure border collie. She’s a bundle of energy, nerves […]

Stella Day Eighteen

There was an early frost this morning, which always seems to give the dogs an extra burst of energy. Stella and Marcus played chasey around the paddock until they wore themselves out. Now she’s a happy dog, Stella is showing off her puppy side – she’s still a young dog and she just loves to […]

I"m coming!

Nothing like a pile-on!

Stella Day Seventeen

Stella must have been an archeologist in her past life, she’s got a real talent for digging up old bones; the older the better apparently. She’s loving having canine company and plays happily with the other dogs – she’s actually got really nice dog-to-dog manners and she’s very even tempered, so even when the play […]

Stella Day Sixteen

I think Stella and Marcus were tired after their nearly-all-day romp yesterday and today’s morning walk was a quiet affair. Stella found herself a very big, very old bone which the foxes must have dragged into the paddock, and settled down for a good chew. Later on it was sun/rain/hail, rinse/lather/repeat, so Stella got a […]

Stella and the bone

Time for a rest.

Stella’s Day Fifteen

Stella just loves other dogs – she’s super playful and loves, loves, loves a game of chasy or a wrestle. Turns out she’s very dog social and gets on with pretty much everyone. She and Marcus are currently sound asleep, having played themselves to a standstill this afternoon.  Now that she’s happier and more confident […]

Two weeks of Stella

Day 14 for Stella, the official end of her quarantine period with us.  Looking back at the two weeks she’s been with SAFAR its hard to believe she’s the same dog I picked up from Helen in Bendigo late Friday night two weeks ago. That dog was terrified of me, snapped at me when I […]

You called me?

Yes! A tummy rub.

Stella Days 12 & 13

Stella would like to apologise for missing a day of her blog.  Stella continues to improve with me. So far she’s shown herself to be very affectionate with people she knows. She’s a lap dog! She’ll jump into your lap and rest her head on your shoulder for a cuddle. All you have to do […]

Stella Day Eleven

Out for an early morning walk, Stella enjoyed rolling in everything that was a bit smelly. It rained last night so she ended up very wet, but she’s a cattle dog, wet and smelly is what they live for! She and Ferdie get on really well together, and it’s play, play, play. They have very […]


Stella and friend

Stella Day Ten

Ten days later and Stella is a happy dog. She’s initiating play with other dogs and enjoy a good wrestle and chasey. She’s actually very dog social and has really excellent manners. I have a Kelpie girl in foster with me who is a bit assertive, but Stella just turned her head and ignored the […]