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Selma Day 10

Selma is such a doll. She’s a big girl, and a bit goofy, but soft as butter. She’s playful and happy with other dogs, large and small and safe with cats. She had a bit of a bark at my horses, but that was mostly through surprise than any desire to chase them.  Off leash […]



A Week of Lenny

It’s taken me a little while to start to understand Lenny. Typical of young, undesexed, male dogs and of dogs who have belonged to men, it took him several days to acknowledge my existence – clearly he knew I was on the other end of the leash, just as clearly he didn’t care that much. […]


Wilbur, oh Wilbur, what a little gem you turned out to be! Wilbur came to us as a whippet puppy. Well, he’s certainly a whippet, but he’s not really a puppy anymore. I think he’s about six months old – my vet thinks he’s about 12 months old. He’s basically fully grown, but the growth […]




Selma is a doll. She’s pretty typical of the hairy hounds that are fairly common in country pounds – in the UK they’d be called lurchers, in Australia they’re often called Staghounds. Their breeding is mostly a mystery, but there’s usually something like deerhound or wolfhound lurking in the distant past, with a bit of […]


The first thing you need to know about Lenny is that he drew the short straw when it came to breeding. He’s a big, plain, brindle staffy cross of some kind. Big, brindle, staffy crosses are a dime a dozen in pounds around Australia.  Their chances of getting rescue are slender because they are hard […]


Stella enjoying the couch in her new home.

Saying Goodbye to Stella

Seeing Stella off to her new home on Saturday was very hard. As much as I was confident her new home was a good one and that I’d found her a really suitable place, I really didn’t want to see her go. Stella was one of those dogs who just make their place in your […]

Round Up

Things have been a bit hectic lately – so apologies for no new posts for a while! So just to catch-up with things at SAFAR HQ. Stella and Monty were desexed on Tuesday (sorry about Cup Day kids!). Stella has taken a bit of time to recover from her surgery, but looks much happier now […]

A cool spring morning and a game with friends.

Monty looking serious

Monty Day Twenty-Two

It’s Monty’s turn again, and he deserves some words of his own. He’s a lovely dog, very sweet-natured and mellow, although given the opportunity he has a distinct cheeky side! We all went out for a walk this morning and Mr Montague decided that he didn’t want to hang with the rest of us and […]

Cocoa Day Fifteen

Cocoa has recovered well from her nose job – she did manage to rub a couple of her stitches out, so she’ll end up with a little scar, but her nose will be fine. Otherwise she’s turned out to be a very nice, affectionate pocket rocket. She’s a bit sparky with other females, so I […]

Cocoa is very alert!

Stella is going home!

Go Stella! 1

Well guess what Stella did today? She found herself a new home! Yes she did. We had a meet and greet with her potential new family and Stella was great. A bit wary and a little anxious, but much, much better than I expected her to be. She was willing to go up and sniff […]