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Round Up

Things have been a bit hectic lately – so apologies for no new posts for a while! So just to catch-up with things at SAFAR HQ. Stella and Monty were desexed on Tuesday (sorry about Cup Day kids!). Stella has taken a bit of time to recover from her surgery, but looks much happier now […]

A cool spring morning and a game with friends.

Cocoa is very alert!

Cocoa Day Fifteen

Cocoa has recovered well from her nose job – she did manage to rub a couple of her stitches out, so she’ll end up with a little scar, but her nose will be fine. Otherwise she’s turned out to be a very nice, affectionate pocket rocket. She’s a bit sparky with other females, so I […]

Cocoa Day Nine

Little Miss Cocoa is turning out to be a very sweet dog, but she’s a little whirlwind of energy. She’s clever and funny and very affectionate, but will need a home able to keep up with her. She hates being left behind and she’s quite noisy, so I’m not she’s going to work as a […]

Cocoa makes a friend


Cocoa Day Four

Cocoa arrived on Tuesday, and as you can probably tell from her first blog entry, she and I rubbed each other up the wrong way to begin with. Luckily some exercise and a routine have settled us both down and Cocoa is starting to show who she really is, having shed that layer of stress […]

Cocoa’s Second Day

Technically I suppose it’s day three for Cocoa, since I picked her up off transport on Tuesday morning. However, today is her second day in the routine of foster care, so let’s not quibble. Rescuing and fostering are funny activities, maybe a bit like running a boarding house. Strangers arrive at your house, muck up […]


A little bundle of energy.

Cocoa’s First Day

Stella is getting bumped for a bit so the new dogs can share their moment in the spotlight. So Cocoa is first up today. She’s an 18 month old, chocolate and white border collie. She’s very small, so I suspect she’s a kelpie x, rather than pure border collie. She’s a bundle of energy, nerves […]