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Saying goodbye to Lenny

It seems fitting that, having neglected this blog for so long, I reboot it with a farewell to Lenny. Lenny came to SAFAR in November 2013 and stayed with us until March 2015! You can read about Lenny’s journey here. Despite being a dog of great kindness who loves other dogs, Lenny’s particular brand of […]

Lenny and Stitch

Lenny, oh Lenny

Lenny has been with SAFAR for a few weeks now, and is still looking for a home. He’s settled a lot and is turning out to be a really lovely dog. He’s can be noisy, but on the whole he’s a patient dog with a kind of innate calmness that I think will only increase […]

Lenny and Marcus playing chasey.

Lenny and Selma wrestle and Wilbur looks on.

Four Weeks of Lenny & Selma

A month on for Lenny and Selma! Time goes by so fast and you think they must have been here for a lot longer. Lenny, Selma and Wilbur all came from the same pound and all came down with kennel cough, which is why their quarantine period has been extended. Usually its two weeks to […]

Day Thirteen is brought to you by Lenny

It’s hard not to like Lenny, he’s such a big, silly, playful, noisy, clumsy boy. He reminds me of a sixteen year old boy, all big feet, selective hearing and endless good nature. Lenny has no manners and doesn’t pay much attention, but he’s willing to try if you can get him to listen. In […]

Lenny's "blue steel".


A Week of Lenny

It’s taken me a little while to start to understand Lenny. Typical of young, undesexed, male dogs and of dogs who have belonged to men, it took him several days to acknowledge my existence – clearly he knew I was on the other end of the leash, just as clearly he didn’t care that much. […]


The first thing you need to know about Lenny is that he drew the short straw when it came to breeding. He’s a big, plain, brindle staffy cross of some kind. Big, brindle, staffy crosses are a dime a dozen in pounds around Australia.  Their chances of getting rescue are slender because they are hard […]