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A cool spring morning and a game with friends.

Round Up

Things have been a bit hectic lately – so apologies for no new posts for a while! So just to catch-up with things at SAFAR HQ. Stella and Monty were desexed on Tuesday (sorry about Cup Day kids!). Stella has taken a bit of time to recover from her surgery, but looks much happier now […]

Monty Day Twenty-Two

It’s Monty’s turn again, and he deserves some words of his own. He’s a lovely dog, very sweet-natured and mellow, although given the opportunity he has a distinct cheeky side! We all went out for a walk this morning and Mr Montague decided that he didn’t want to hang with the rest of us and […]

Monty looking serious


Monty Day Eleven

It’s interesting that I have two dogs with me, both of whom display real timidity, but each dog is manifesting that in quite a different way. Stella was very self-protective and projected aggression in order to keep scary things (people) away. But once she stopped being fearful it didn’t take long for her cheeky personality […]

Enter Monty Day Three

Monty is one seriously lovely dog. He’s thin and in poor condition, but when he’s got some good food under his belt he’s going to be very handsome. I’m not sure what the mix is – his coat is longish and wiry, although the tri-colouring is a puzzle. Guessing the ancestry of a mixed breed […]

Just sitting