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Lenny and Selma wrestle and Wilbur looks on.

Four Weeks of Lenny & Selma

A month on for Lenny and Selma! Time goes by so fast and you think they must have been here for a lot longer. Lenny, Selma and Wilbur all came from the same pound and all came down with kennel cough, which is why their quarantine period has been extended. Usually its two weeks to […]

Selma Day 10

Selma is such a doll. She’s a big girl, and a bit goofy, but soft as butter. She’s playful and happy with other dogs, large and small and safe with cats. She had a bit of a bark at my horses, but that was mostly through surprise than any desire to chase them.  Off leash […]




Selma is a doll. She’s pretty typical of the hairy hounds that are fairly common in country pounds – in the UK they’d be called lurchers, in Australia they’re often called Staghounds. Their breeding is mostly a mystery, but there’s usually something like deerhound or wolfhound lurking in the distant past, with a bit of […]