Cocoa Day Fifteen

Cocoa is very alert!

Cocoa is very alert!

Cocoa has recovered well from her nose job – she did manage to rub a couple of her stitches out, so she’ll end up with a little scar, but her nose will be fine. Otherwise she’s turned out to be a very nice, affectionate pocket rocket. She’s a bit sparky with other females, so I think if she goes to a home with another dog a nice, calm male of any size would be a good match for her. Cocoa knows “jump up” into the car, mostly comes when she’s called, but doesn’t seem to know much else. It’s possible that I don’t have the right commands for her, because somewhere she’s had a bit of training.  She’s an excitable young dog, so she’ll need lots of exercise and would really benefit, both physically and mentally, from obedience training. I think that she might enjoy agility as well – she’s very athletic and nimble and has a neat, smallish size which would suit the sport. She chased my vet’s cats who aren’t used to dogs, but my cats stand their ground and Cocoa doesn’t bother them.

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