Cocoa Day Nine

Little Miss Cocoa is turning out to be a very sweet dog, but she’s a little whirlwind of energy. She’s clever and funny and very affectionate, but will need a home able to keep up with her. She hates being

Cocoa makes a friend

Cocoa makes a friend

left behind and she’s quite noisy, so I’m not she’s going to work as a city dog. She’s a chatty girl with an entire repertoire of comments. She likes playing with other dogs, but can get a bit intense – her best match in canine terms is going to be a calm, non-reactive dog who doesn’t tend to get over-excited. I’ve been crating Cocoa at night and now she just hops into her crate and settles down. She’s a bit bemused by the cats, but isn’t interested in hurting them. For an energetic family she’ll be a lovely dog, but she will need to be allowed to run. She’s a sweetie to handle, and isn’t at all mouthy or food aggressive, so would suit a family with children I think.

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