Day Thirteen is brought to you by Lenny

It’s hard not to like Lenny, he’s such a big, silly, playful, noisy, clumsy boy. He reminds me of a sixteen year old boy, all big feet, selective hearing and endless good nature. Lenny has no

Lenny's "blue steel".

Lenny’s “blue steel”.

manners and doesn’t pay much attention, but he’s willing to try if you can get him to listen. In fact today he had a bout of good behaviour and walked very nicely on a leash for a little while and sat for his photo to be taken. Part of the problem at the moment is that Selma has come into season, so all the boy dogs, even the neutered ones, are a bit tetchy. But because Lenny, Selma and Wilbur have kennel cough, they can’t be desexed for a while. So basically you’ve got a couple of adolescent boys and tossed Miley Cyrus into the mix.

But for all his silly behaviour, there’s something very loving and kind about Lenny. He’s a bit silly, but there’s no meanness in him, he’s just a young dog who never learned any better. Lenny’s best home would be one with a couple of teenage boys to play with, preferably another dog of similar size to wrestle with and someone a little bit dog savvy to help him learn his company manners.

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