Enter Galahad

Galahad’s pound photo

His name is Galahad because Sir Galahad was the best and bravest of the Knights of the Round Table, and this Galahad is going to need all the courage in the world to succeed. So he has a name which, I hope, he will be able to live up to.

This Galahad right now is more like the cowardly Lion out of the Wizard of Oz, than the brave knight. He’s been mistreated and ignored to the point that he’s scared of everyone and everything. He flinches if you touch him, but even sadder, he doesn’t recognize being touched as comforting and seems to hope that if he ignores humans they’ll just go away and leave him alone.

Galahad got very excited when he saw another dog, but it’s hard to tell whether its because he’s relied on other dogs for company or, because he’s an entire male, it was aggressive. It’s difficult to read him at this stage.

He’s not showing any signs of aggression but I think he’s really shut down – the stress of travel, strange people and new experiences has brought him almost undone. He’s a remarkably handsome dog, but so scared of the world it’s heart-breaking.

Only time will tell how redeemable he is, and whether I have the skills to rehabilitate him. But dogs do surprise you with their resilience. Stella, for whom this blog was named, taught me that!

So fingers crossed that Galahad will learn to be brave and earn his rightful place at someone’s table.

You can follow his story here.

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