Enter Stella 1

Day 1

Stella came to me from Glenfield Road Animal Shelter in Wagga Wagga. She was the last dog on the “kill list” that morning (no rescue had their name on her). I hadn’t intended to take any dogs while the rescue was getting organised, but dogs in need of a save don’t have a leisurely timetable.

She was described as extremely timid and in need of experienced help. One ranger thought she was a fear biter (which she is, albeit a reluctant one), the other ranger thought she was a lovely, but terrified dog. Volunteers who worked with her at the pound thought she had lots of potential and generously offered to cover her transport, boarding or vet fees.

So Stella got a last minute reprieve with about a half hour to spare and managed to hop transport to Victoria the next day.

She arrived last night. Unfortunately, while she really liked the lovely woman who drove her from Wagga, she’s much less enamoured of me, although she did let me take her for a walk this morning. She was interested in the other dogs, although she didn’t interact with them much. She was scared of the cats, although Loki liked her. He’s a pretty good judge of dog character.

We’ll see how she settles. It’s hard to know at this stage if she’s been abused or if she’s just a dog who has had really limited experience with anything. Puppy farm dogs can show similar behaviour, even without any experience of abuse.

Stella’s pound photo

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One thought on “Enter Stella

  • belinda oakman

    hi ,im belinda. the volunteer from the wagga pound. thankyou very much for taking this beautiful girl stella. give her big kisses and cuddles from me.