Four Weeks of Lenny & Selma

A month on for Lenny and Selma! Time goes by so fast and you think they must have been here for a lot longer. Lenny, Selma and Wilbur all came from the same pound and all came

Lenny and Selma wrestle and Wilbur looks on.

Lenny and Selma wrestle and Wilbur looks on.

down with kennel cough, which is why their quarantine period has been extended. Usually its two weeks to make sure there’s nothing going on; but it’s taken everyone a couple of weeks to recover.

So now the coughing is over it’s time to start looking for homes.

Selma is a doll, she’s sweet, easy going, a bit cheeky but a happy, affectionate, out-going dog. She’s good with big and small dogs and is cat social and has pretty good manners for a young dog who hasn’t had a lot of training. She sits, walks nicely on a leash, isn’t at all food aggressive (although she loves her food). She is very athletic and can jump and climb even though she’s quite a big dog. She’s not interested in escaping, she just wants in on the action. She did take off after a kangaroo one morning, but after giving chase trotted home – so for a hound she’s got pretty good recall. All in all she’s a really nice dog who will make a lovely pet for someone who likes big dogs.

Selma is quite active but has a definite off button.

She’s put on lots of weight and condition in the last month and is looking very pretty.

And then there’s Lenny. Oh Lenny, my 50 kilo baby. He’s such a sweet and funny dog. He’s got the mind of a teenage boy, the temperament of the goofiest pup you ever knew and the attention span of gnat. He loves other dogs and just wants to play, so I think he’ll do best in a home with another dog to wrestle with him. He’s good with smaller dogs, but he’s pretty much a staffy in his play style and likes a bit of full body contact, so another dog of similar size would probably be a good match for him.

He doesn’t pay much attention though and I suspect he’s more likely to respond to a male – but lack of attention is pretty typical of young, entire, male dogs. He can sit, loves a tummy rub and has the same vocal range as a staffy, which is either endearing or annoying depending on how much you like them. He makes me laugh a lot with his chatter. He’s not food aggressive at all, even with bones.

I don’t think he’s safe with cats, but I’ve not allowed him much contact with them because he’s a bit inclined to lunge in their direction and I don’t know if it’s prey drive or just interest. He’s a strong boy so I don’t risk it.

He’s not an escaper or a digger and although he likes a walk and a run, he’s not super athletic and once he’s worn off a bit of energy is quite a low key dog.

Lenny will do best in a home with someone who is willing to further his obedience training and doesn’t mind the occasional head butt!

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