Go Stella! 1

Stella is going home!

Stella is going home!

Well guess what Stella did today? She found herself a new home! Yes she did. We had a meet and greet with her potential new family and Stella was great. A bit wary and a little anxious, but much, much better than I expected her to be. She was willing to go up and sniff the new people and let herself be patted without much concern. We went for a little walk and at first she was circling back making sure I was with her, but it didn’t take her long to settle down and enjoy the walk, even though a new person was holding the lead. She used me for a security and kept plonking herself in my lap, but she felt secure enough to start to make friends and I’m pretty confident that it will only take a few days for her to feel safe in a new home – she was certainly much happier than she was the night I picked her up. We just have to organise her desexing and she’ll be going home Cup Week, all going well.

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One thought on “Go Stella!

  • Belinda Oakman

    Omg. That is the best news ever. Just think it wasnt that long ago she was at the pound in her pen growling at me. Its amazing wat a little tlc and patience does. Congrats xoxo