Adoption process

We believe that adopting a new pet should be a happy occasion, so we try not to make the process difficult or drawn-out.

So it goes like this.

  1. You had a browse on Pet Rescue and saw a photo that appealed to you (we know it’s the picture that caught your eye!).
  2. We hope you took the time to read the description carefully – we try to describe our pets accurately so that you can get a clear sense of whether they’re likely to be a good match for you.
  3. Send us an enquiry email if you’ve got any questions, or
  4. Fill out an adoption application if you’re interested in a meeting with the dog or cat.
  5. We’ll talk to you by phone and email.
  6. If we think it’s a good match, we’ll invite you to a “meet and greet” with the pet you’re interested in.
  7. You can spend as much time interacting with the pet you’re interested in as you like. If you have a current dog, you’re welcome to bring them along for the meeting.
  8. If things go well and we’re all happy with the meeting we can go ahead and complete the adoption paperwork (read a copy of our adoption agreement here).
  9. You can take your new pet home that day if that suits everybody and the pet’s vetwork is completed.
  10. We offer a two week trial period, and if things don’t work out, you can bring the pet back to us and we’ll refund your adoption fee in full.
  11. But even after the trial period is up, we’re always here to help and support you for as long as you need!