Layla’s story

Layla isn’t strictly speaking a SAFAR dog, but her situation got desperate and we did what rescue groups keep doing, and squeezed her in. It’s made life difficult, but I think most rescue

Layla loves the water.

Layla loves the water.

groups understand the equation which has death on one side and making things difficult on the other, and will opt to make the outcome equal life.

So Layla is with SAFAR and we’ll if we can help her onto a better outcome. As far as I know her history, she came from an indigenous community, but I don’t know much about her background other than that. She’s some kind of mix of working breeds possibly, but she’s a long way down the track from having any easily identifable ancestry. She’s listed as a Kelpie x on the basis of her ears and energy levels!

Layla is a nice dog. She’s affectionate and for a dog who probably hasn’t had much training, she’s quite well behaved. Pulls on a leash, but a leash is probably pretty new to her. She sits very nicely for treats and has a very soft mouth, no grabbing or snapping.

She’s a bit noisy when confined, but that seems to be more about boredom and the frustration of an energetic dog – she’s not a constant yapper otherwise.

Off-lead she’ll stay with you, but her recall could do with some work. That being said, she ran loose on a big property yesterday and stayed within earshot of me and when I was out of sight came looking.

She loves, loves, loves the water and swims like a fish. She jumped straight into the dam and was paddling around in water wel over her head. She’s be a great dog for someone who lives near the water.

Layla is a bit reactive with other dogs and seems to prefer male to female dogs. That being said, she met three of my own dogs this morning and although she stiffened up a bit, she didn’t start any arguments and I think once she got to know them she’s be fine. She was a bit less happy about meeting a much bigger female, but was still pretty good. Another active male dog would probably suit her as a companion.

I don’t think I’d recommend her with cats – she’s a bit too excited when they run, so I suspect that she might be a problem in the heat of the moment. On the other hand, she doesn’t have the kind of intense focus you see in dogs who have a really high prety drive, she’s quite easily distracted from looking at cats and when one hissed at her she backed right off.

She’s a very affectionate dog who’ll back into your lap for cuddles and loves having her tummy scratched. She’s also good in the car and knows “jump up” to hop into the back.

On the whole I’d say Layla is a fairly typical example of a young working breed. She’s got heaps of potential and in a home able to give her lots of exercise will be a wonderful companion. She’s quite a compact, medium-size dog with a nice, shiny, easy to care for short coat. She could stand to lose a couple of kilos!

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