Lenny, oh Lenny

Lenny has been with SAFAR for a few weeks now, and is still looking for a home. He’s settled a lot and is turning out to be a really lovely dog. He’s can be noisy, but on the whole he’s

Lenny and Marcus playing chasey.

Lenny and Marcus playing chasey.

a patient dog with a kind of innate calmness that I think will only increase as he gets older. He’s so good with other dogs even though his lack of manners often mean he gets growled at. It’s hard for Lenny to explain he’s just making friends, but he accepts being ticked off with such good grace and immediately apologizes for being rough.

He’s been getting some regular off-lead running and is really good off-leash, even if a bit distractable. For those of us with less than stellar fitness levels, Lenny is a good deal, he’ll run and run for ten minutes and then have a nice sit-down, so although he’s energetic, his fuel tank runs empty fairly fast. And once he’s burned off some energy he actually walks quite well on a leash.

Lenny has mastered sit and is proving to a clever dog who responds well to training. He’s met a few cats, but although he greets them nicely, he’s a bit big and rough to be good with cats I think. He isn’t safe with kangaroos – like many dogs chasing them is all but irresistible.

Sadly, Lenny is not the sort of dog who gets lots of applications, which is a shame, because he’s a really nice boy and will only get better as he gets older. He’s a bit of a rough nut boofhead now, but all he needs is a bit of polish to be an really excellent companion.

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