Maybe its time to give Marcus a day in the sun, because he is looking for a home. He’s an unusual dog – in some ways he’s remarkably good. He’s well trained and well mannered, and can sit, drop, stay



and walk well on a leash. He’s house-trained and crate-trained. He loves going in the car and will happily stretch out on the back seat and nap for as long as you drive. He’s great off-lead, is good with other dogs and safe with cats and horses.  He’s really affectionate and bonds really closely to his humans. And therein lies his issue. Marcus doesn’t like to be left behind and will either escape or chew something. He’s been returned to me twice for this behaviour, which is going to make him difficult to place.

He’s not interested in running away, he just doesn’t like being confined when his owners are away. He’s not interested in running away, he’ll just hang around until his people get home. Of course, hanging around the front gate, even his own, when he’s not inside it isn’t a great idea. He’s not actually a talented escaper, he’ll exploit something he can jump over, or an existing hole in a fence, but unlike some dogs, if he works out he can’t get out he’ll stop trying. He is quite athletic, so he’ll need at least 2-3 metre fences.

Marcus’s ideal home would be one with people around a lot or who could take him to work with them,  and a nice, secure run for him when they’re not home. He’s not a barker, so once he’s somewhere secure he settles.  He’ll need to be allowed inside with his family when they’re home, including sleeping inside at night and he’ll need a good run once a day. Marcus has a distinct off button, but he loves to get out and run once a day.

It’s a hard one because separation anxiety, even of Marcus’s mild kind is hard to place, but with Marcus a couple of technical solutions, such as a nice, secure, dog run, would fix the issue.

He is such a companionable and well-behaved dog otherwise – he’ll be excellent company in the right home.

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