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Monty Day 6

Monty Day 6

Well, the good news is that Monty and Cocoa are both settling in well. I’ve discovered that Cocoa actually has good recall off-leash, so she isn’t deaf. She’s a clever girl who has already learned her new name. Monty has really come out of his shell and is showing much more confidence, although he’s still a bit hand-shy. It’s hard to know whether that’s the result of rough handling in the past, or just a naturally very submissive nature. It usually takes dogs a couple of weeks to start showing their real personalities, but the real Monty is beginning to emerge.  I have learned that Monty is not safe with horses, he can’t resist the temptation to chase them.

Stella is a real delight, she’s just a lovely dog to have around.  She’s so companionable and agreeable. She’s displaying real confidence at home and you’d never believe she was the timid, incredibly anxious dog who came out of the pound. In more crowded situations with strangers she still gets very unhappy though. She’s good with cats, doesn’t bother the horses and although she had a bark at the cows next door, was easily called away

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