Monty Day Eleven

It’s interesting that I have two dogs with me, both of whom display real timidity, but each dog is manifesting that in quite a different way. Stella was very self-protective and projected aggression in order Montyto keep scary things (people) away. But once she stopped being fearful it didn’t take long for her cheeky personality to emerge. Monty is a different kind of dog – he is very timid, but displays no aggression, instead he’s really shut down. I think he’s probably had some really rough treatment in his life – when you go to pat him he drops to the ground which is very sad. He’s an affectionate dog who loves tummy rubs, but he finds it quite hard to relax with people. He likes other dogs and finds their presence reassuring – he’s more outgoing when there are other dogs about.

I took him out with me today so we could have some one-on-one time and he’s been very good. If you’re not keen on exercise, walking with Monty would suit, he’s a sniffer and piddler rather than a walker. With Monty on a leash you go from interesting smell to pee object to interesting smell and so on. His feet seem a bit tender still, so that might have something to do with it, but even off leash and on grass he was strolling around rather than running. I think an age range of about 4-6 is probably right, so although he’s not an old dog, he’s a mature one.

He’s a very quiet, calm dog (except when there are horses involved, sigh), so I think he’d suit a quiet suburban home. I am going to find him a home where he can sleep inside in front of the fire – I think he deserves a bit of pampering for the rest of his life. He’s still a bit underweight, so I won’t be advertising him for a home for a couple of weeks.

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