About us

About us

Pound pets make the best agreeable friends. If you’re looking for a couch snuggler, a water baby, a kid’s companion or a sedate friend for quiet walks, there’s a poundie ready to fill the hole in your home (and heart). Big, small, young, old, whole or a bit damaged, they’re all full of love and life, just waiting for the right family.

Such Agreeable Friends Animal Rescue think our job is to help you find the right dog (or sometimes cat) for your family.

We do all the usual stuff (you know the drill, desexing, vaccination, worming and defleaing) as well as anything else which needs doing.

SAFAR believes that our job is to bring pets and homes together in a way which is kind, respectful and joyful.

We know that the process of finding and adopting the right pet can sometimes be a challenge, so we’ve written a bit of a guide to being a successful adopter. http://blackhobyah.net/11-rules-for-a-successful-adopter/

If you’d like to see the pets we have available for adoption, you can see them on Pet Rescue.

If you’d like more information about our adoption process you can find that here.

If you’d like to fill out an enquiry form for one of our pets, you can find it here.

Otherwise, if you’d like to ask a question drop us an email: agreeablefriendsrescue@gmail.com