What we believe

SAFAR believes that animals find themselves in pounds for all kinds of reasons and circumstances which often have nothing to do with the pet itself. People lose jobs, get sick or can’t find pet-friendly housing.  Relationships break down, people find themselves in difficulties and sometimes are forced to surrender pets. Pets get lost, microchips are missed or don’t work and sometimes people just can’t afford the fees to save their pets from the pound.

SAFAR is not and never will be about blaming people for their pets ending up in pounds. We don’t know what happened and it is not our job to judge. Nor, as a group, do we want tofig16 carry anger, blame and bitterness with us. Our job is to help animals move from pounds and into suitable, loving and safe homes. Our job is the present and future of our animals, not their past.

We believe that if we base our work on mistrust of the community then we have no business rescuing at all – because we are sending our animals back into the safe hands of the community.

SAFAR is not anti-breeder. We hope that more Australians will choose a rescue pet for their next companion, we hope that people choose not to support pet shops and puppy farms, but choosing a well-bred cat of dog or your chosen breed is a joyful thing.

SAFAR is on the side of research and evidence-based information. We try to align our processes with best practice and are willing to change where there is good evidence that there are better ways of doing things.