Saying goodbye to Lenny

It seems fitting that, having neglected this blog for so long, I reboot it with a farewell to Lenny. Lenny came to SAFAR in November 2013 and stayed with us until March 2015!

Lenny and Stitch

Lenny and Stitch

You can read about Lenny’s journey here. Despite being a dog of great kindness who loves other dogs, Lenny’s particular brand of enthusiasm attracted lots of attention, but no permanent home. He was adopted out once, but came back before his trail period was completed, a moment of great sadness for all his fans.

But the longer I do rescue, the more I realise that sometimes it’s just a matter of patience. Lenny’s time came, the right family fell in love with him, and swept him home. He has a little sister who keeps him in line and a family used to big dogs who love Lenny.

So as sad as I was to see him go, I’m thrilled that he’s home at last and loved as he deserves to be.

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