Stella Day Twenty-five

Rolling, rolling, rolling.

Rolling, rolling, rolling.

So, Stella has been with me for over three weeks now and she’s such a happy, loving, well-behaved, cheeky, dog social, cat safe companion. She’s still very timid in strange situations, but at home she’s really confident. Stella’s social skills with other dogs are excellent and she just loves a game. She’ll play chasy with Marcus or wrestle with Ferdie (his legs are too short for much running), and try and entice Monty playing with her. She is an agreeable friend in all senses of the word, trotting happily at your heels or running straight as an arrow to you when you call. She can be cheeky, jumping up and whacking you in the middle with both feet (a trick she’s learned from Marcus I think), and she’ll roll in anything smelly she comes across. She is such a good girl Miss Stella – whoever adopts her will be a very lucky person and I will find parting with her very difficult!

When Stella was in the pound, she was so terrified by the experience that she can very close to being killed. She was lucky because on of the pound staff and some of the volunteers took an interest in her and gave her to opportunity to show that under the fear was a nice dog who was capable of being rehabilitated. Stella came very close to the wire, but the kindness of strangers saved her life. It’s that kindness that I believe rescuers should concentrate on, rather than being drawn into bitterness and anger. It’s true that humans do terrible things to animals and fail their responsibilities, but it is equally, even more true, that the majority of people care about the other animals they share the planet with, and step up to help in all sorts of ways.

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