Stella’s first week

A much happier Stella

A much happier Stella

Stella came into care with SAFAR a week ago, and you can see from her picture how much happier she is. She’s been initiating play with the other dogs, running happily off-leash and coming back for cuddles with me. She loves attention and affection, and is thriving with the opportunity to relax in a safe environment with a familiar routine.

Under stress she’s clearly always going to be very anxious, but as her trust increases, so does her confidence. As you wouldn’t judge a human on their behaviour when terrified or overwhelmed, I’m not sure its fair to judge a dog’s temperament on their behaviour under similar stress.

It will be interesting to see how Stella copes at the vet tomorrow afternoon – she’s not experienced anyone other than me this week, so it’s time she got out and about a bit and met some new people. Clearly she’s a dog with a strong capacity to bond to humans, as evinced by her willingness to trust the pound volunteers.

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