That was the year that was

Such Agreeable Friends Animal Rescue set up its Pet Rescue account on September 9, 2013. I think we can count that as our official start date – which means that SAFAR is only just over four

Home in 2013

Home in 2013

months old. In those four months we have rehomed six dogs: Stella, Cocoa (now Kipper), Monty, Marcus, Selma and Wilbur. We currently have three dogs looking for new homes: Layla, Lenny and Boo, and have Rufus, Evie and her sevenĀ puppies, Jock, Alex, Milla and Mo who will be looking for new homes very soon.

Stella was the catalyst for SAFAR, our intention had been to take our time setting up a new rescue group, but Stella was in need and thanks to some very generous and loving people, she came to SAFAR as our first rescue. If you’ve followed Stella’s story you’ll know that she was a bit of a challenge, but beautiful girl that she is, quickly won my heart, and then the hearts of her new family.

Stella is the kind of dog who tells you what rescue is all about. Her chances in the pound system were poor, given her fearful nature – even the ranger who really liked her would probably have thought twice about rehoming her from the pound. But rescue exists to give dogs like Stella a second chance – a quiet place which gives them a chance to show their hearts and to find a home which will understand them and make a place for a dog who might have some pointy edges, but can fit happily into the right space.

So onwards into 2014 with dogs who need homes, and as yet unknown dogs who will find refuge with us over the coming months. Thank you to everyone who supported this very new rescue – I hope that there are many, many happy stories yet to tell in the New Year.

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