Wilbur Legs Eleven

I’ve always had a soft spot for whippets, so taking Wilbur into care wasn’t a difficult decision, and now he’s in care it’s going to be hard to send him on his way. Rescuers spend a lot of time

Wilbur by a nose

Wilbur by a nose

saying, “I really don’t know why this dog ended up in the pound”, as they contemplate some lovely, happy, well-behaved, easy-to-live with creature. Wilbur is one of those dogs. He’s such a joy to have around. Many people think of whippets as nervous, shivery dogs – Wilbur is anything but! He’s Mr Social Butterfly, happy to talk to anyone who wants to stop for a pat. He’s great with other dogs, likes cats (and cats like him), walks well on a leash, is house-trained, quiet, not interested in digging, escaping or chewing. He’s even good off-lead which isn’t always common with hounds.

I’d assume that he was bred for hunting rabbits rather than show, he’s a stocky little guy with none of the attenuated elegance of a show whippet. Possibly he ended up in the pound because he didn’t have the necessary prey drive to make a good hunting dog (as in, none). He’s got a big over-bite – I don’t know if that was an impediment for a hunting dog, but it doesn’t cause him any issues when eating, he’ll happily chew his way through bones or chicken necks. His tail has been broken at some stage and not set, so it’s crooked, but that doesn’t cause him any problems either.

Like many a short-coated dog, Wilbur likes a warm bed, preferably yours! He’s not going to be suited to life as an outside only dog – Wilbur likes people and wants to be close to them. He’d be a terrific, low-maintenance urban dog but equally good on acreage because he’s shown no interest in taking off to chase stock.

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